Facebook App Installation Help

Trouble installing one of our Apps? Help is on the way!

All inlineVision Facebook Apps follow the same installation routine; Free Versions install in two simple steps.

PLEASE NOTE: The Apps can only be added to Facebook Pages, but not to Personal Profiles.

inlineVision Facebook App Installation Step 1

If you purchased the Premium Version, you can skip this Step and proceed to Step 2.

From the App’s Home Page, or the App’s Profile Page, fill in the required information and click “Get Free Version”.

If we cannot find your Page’s ID on Facebook, please make sure you entered the correct Page ID.

You will see a confirmation message that your data was successfully added to our database of authorized App users.

inlineVision Facebook App Installation Step 2

If you entered the information on the App’s Home Page and not on the App’s Profile Page, please go back to the App’s Profile Page.
The Profile Pages for our Apps are:
Custom Twitter App
Contact Form App

If you just purchased the Premium Version, please allow up to 12 hours for your information to be added to our database and for the App to display correctly on your Page.

Scroll down on the App’s Profile Page until you see “Add To My Page” in the left navigation. Click on “Add To My Page”.

A modal window listing all Facebook Pages you are an administrator of opens. Select the Page you submitted earlier.

The App is now listed in your Facebook Page’s left navigation as a new Tab and you can edit its title to suit your needs.
The Free Versions display immediately, please allow up to 12 hours for your information to be added to our database if you purchased the Premium Version. If you want to display the Free Version meanwhile, please simply follow Step 1 on this page.