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Responsive Web Design

Amerika Heller - USA Motorradreisen

Responsive websites are becoming a key differentiator, as more and more customers access the web via their mobile devices for more than just email. Las Vegas Woman Magazine Mobile StatisticsConsumers are locating, comparing and shopping on the mobile web in greater numbers than ever.
For this reason we suggest that all new website projects keep the mobile experience for the user in mind – from the very beginning.

Responsive websites are not static in their layout; they adapt and adjust to provide an optimum browsing experience based on the customers device of choice.

Unlike mobile websites, which generally are scaled down and static, inferior versions of an existing website and usually lack in design and user experience, responsive websites preserve (and even enhance) the intended user experience by adapting the layout to provide a state-of-the-art mobile browsing experience for the user.

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Some of our Responsive Website Projects

Amerika Heller: USA Motorcycle Tours (Germany)
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Tim Clothier’s Illusion Projects, INC
Las Vegas Woman Magazine
Douglas Leferovich, Creative Director, Featured Performer & Magic Consultant (Las Vegas)
Fewo Concept, Germany
Smile Designers of Las Vegas
Affordable Tree Service Las Vegas

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