Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC ads on the Internet are what commercials are on TV or on the radio. They are the sponsored links or paid inclusions on Google’s, Yahoo!’s and bing’s Search Engine Results Pages.

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Although they only account for 25% of the traffic originating from a search engine, they are maybe the best way to give your business, your brand or your product more or less, instant exposure.

We say more or less because depending on the market you are trying to target, the best spots (the ads on page 1) can get pretty expensive pretty quickly.

Advertising takes a lot of time and resources. Successful pay per click campaigns require constant testing, measuring and maintenance. While the default settings get you started, you should by no means rely on them. In fact, the default settings are a sure way for you to waste your advertising budget in no time.

It takes time, experience, hours of research and the close collaboration of your marketing team and the web development team with the adwords professional to create and run a successful campaign.

Professional adwords managers do not only research keywords and adjust bids, they carefully craft highly targeted ads leading to highly optimized landing pages.

Part of Adwords management is researching statistics, monitoring trends and analyzing the current market situation; all for one goal: to predict customer behavior.

The better our prediction, e.g. what stage of the buying cycle our prospect is in, the better we can design the content and the message of our advertisement and optimize the landing page “behind” the ad accordingly.
For example, if the user’s search term contains the word buy, we can make the assumption that he has already conducted his research and is closer to completing his purchase.

Successful advertising campaigns are always a combination of art and science.

Ask how we at inlineVision can create and maintain a successful pay per click campaign.

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