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How To Find Your Facebook Page ID (January 2018)

Dec 28th, 2017

This is the easiest way to find your facebook Page ID yet!

We wrote about finding your facebook page ID before — but now facebook has (finally) made it really easy to find this little piece of information

This updated version of our how-to-guide shows you the fastest way (with 1 click/tap!) to get to your facebook page ID and it works on both desktop & the mobile facebook app.

Short version: Go to your facebook page -> Click on the About tab -> Scroll to the bottom – DONE.

Only prerequisite: You have to be a page admin of the page (and have to be logged in to facebook).
NOTE: You still find any other page’s ID by using the “old”method described in the article above.

Long Version – With Screenshots

Step 1: Go to your facebook page

Either by clicking on your list of pages or by accessing it via facebook’s search box (or any other preferred way of getting there).

Step 2: Click on the “About” tab

You find the “About” tab either in the left navigation on a desktop computer or at the top (below your cover photo) on mobile.

facebook Page About Tab

Step 3: Scroll all the way down

And there it is, in all its glory: Your Facebook Page ID

Find My Facebook Page ID

Mobile facebook app version

Mobile facebook app - About Mobile facebook app - Find My Facebook Page ID

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