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Beware of the Experts: BUY 50,000 Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes, YouTube Views

Feb 20th, 2012

Holy Social Media Scam!

Where in the world did all these services all of sudden come from?
And why on earth would anybody with more than 2 coherent brain cells even consider a “service” like that?

Let me get this straight: These companies claim to get you x amount of followers, likes or views for $ [insert outrageous amount here].

One of these companies says on their website:

… “Gain credibility and be considered an expert in your field …[more completely ridiculous claims here]”…

Further down it reads:

… “a mix of real and non-real followers”… Say What?
… “If you want real followers, click here, because on this page we charge you even more for something that’s as useful as a pimple on your forehead”…
My Questions:

What has a single one of these newly “acquired” followers or fans contributed to your business?
What will only one of them ever contribute to your business?
What will your real followers and fans think, say and do?


Quality always trumps quantity.
And in reality, this “technique” is just like another Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme: No “technique” will ever be able to achieve in 5 minutes what it takes weeks and months to build. If it sounds too good to be true…

If you really think you will get a single qualified lead or – even more ludicrous, a purchase – from any of these, please, go ahead a buy their service.

Apparently people ARE buying into this, otherwise these companies wouldn’t all of sudden pop up like mushrooms.

If you did, or if you are even contemplating it, don’t tell me. Don’t talk to me about it, don’t even mention it. This is the last time I ever want to hear or talk about it.

BTW, did I mention that I have this great investment opportunity that will net you a 1,200% return in 7,2 minutes?

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