40 Days ’till CES 2019: My Top 3 Gadgets Of CES 2018

Nov 28th, 2018

Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is almost here and y’all know what this means: CES is almost here!

Remember the last CES? The one in January? Yes, almost a year ago already?
I know – it seems like yesterday – when the 3 best “tech” gadgets were not necessarily found “on the show floor”.

Remember it was raining cats and dogs on the first day?
And then, on day 2, there was the power outage #CESBlackout in Central Hall (caused by the heavy rain the previous day). Yes, I was literally in the middle of it when it happened.

Hence my Top 3 Gadgets for CES 2018:

– An umbrella (Who’da thunk)
– A flashlight (Winner!)
– A power bank (Never, ever again leave home without one. A working, fully charged one preferably):
— Because your phone’s flashlight will only work as long as there’s still life in your battery.
— Because you can’t charge your phone when there’s no power.
— Because you can’t even get an UBER to go home when your phone is dead.
About the author:

Nina Khoury is a computer scientist, software engineer, data and information junkie and online marketer. She taught at various universities for more than six years and worked on projects for Fortune 500 companies including cisco, Intel and HP.

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