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Google+ Events: Custom Background for Themes, Hangouts & Calendar Integration

Jun 27th, 2012

Update: The event banner requirements for Google+ have changed.

The new image dimensions for Google Plus events are 1200x300px

June 27, 2012

Events have finally come to Google+ and after going through all the features and creating my first event I immediately checked to see what the custom image size was… it’s 940×280. First step one, create a template in Photoshop :) Done!

I’ve been waiting for a long time for this feature to come so I tried to explore as much as I could. Here are the results, fourteen screenshots of everything I’ve seen so far AND a bonus (FREE) Photoshop template for creating your own custom Theme background or banner image. Skip to the end if you’re just here for the template. ;)

First looks at the new Events feature

Download The Old Template.

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