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Merry Christmas: How We Increased One Client’s Revenue By 70% in Q4 2014

Dec 24th, 2014

70% increase in revenue

It’s been 26 months since one of our clients’ new e-commerce website went live; and over these past 26 months we collected, segmented and analyzed huge amounts of data.

Data that was and is invaluable for us as we are studying customer behavior, seeking out new opportunities and are always looking to implement new strategies to increase visibility and profitability for our clients’ businesses.

2014 gave us a lot of new ways to (re)target audiences, better tailor our advertising efforts and increase the efficiency of our campaigns; and although the year is not over yet, the numbers speak for themselves – and they prove that the changes we implemented had quite an impact on the conversion rate, making this the best year ever for our client.

How Did We Do It?

You will have to wait for the detailed Case Study, but here are a few key elements:
– We tried out new things
Abandonded Carts

– We focused on the things that really matter
Sessions-Revenue: 14% of traffic - 46% of revenue

– We are always on top on new developments

Happy Holidays to everybody – we hope to see you again in 2015!

Happy Holidays

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