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YouTube Channel Art Photoshop Template – Image Size 2560 X 1440

Mar 10th, 2013
Update: The new size for the Channel Art is 2560 X 1440 pixels with a max 2mb file size. The Template has been updated.

After spending a good portion of my day yesterday designing a background for a client’s YouTube channel I see this announcement by YouTube that their “One Channel” redesign is available for everyone… Guess that’s what Sundays were made for?

Template in Photoshop screenshotThe new YouTube “Channel Art” is the same (massive) size as the new cover photo for G+ pages and profiles, 2120px by 1192px is 2560 X 1440.
Most of the image may never be seen as I’m not sure how many people look at YouTube Channels on their televisions. The main part of the image you need to design is the middle section that is 423px tall. See YouTube’s support page with details and example screenshots.

I got fooled a little when I downloaded their template, it’s just a png. Google now offers a PSD file but still no guides… So I took what they gave me and created my own template. I have a bunch of channels to update and guides make things so much easier! My file is smaller too ;)

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