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List Of New Vulnerabilities Leads To More Website Hacks: Be Prepared

List Of New Vulnerabilities Leads To More Website Hacks: Be Prepared

Website owners need to be more vigilant and understand that a website is an investment, and that they need to protect it, just like they take care of any other part of their business, their homes or their cars

May 4th, 2015

Silver Post – Native American Jewelry

Silver Post – Native American Jewelry
• Responsive magento e-commerce Design
• Custom Product Display
• Brands, Symbols & Gemstones Static Pages with Product Listings
• Integration
• PayPal Express Integration
• UPS Real-Time Shipping Quotes (negotiated rates) Integration
• Custom Shipping Policies (Continental US) Integration
• Latest & On Sale Products Slider
• Social Media Integration
Apr 10th, 2014

Golf Bag Warehouse

Golf Bag Warehouse
Magento e-commerce website for (Las Vegas)

Custom Features/Development Include(s):
– (Free) Shipping per item
– Custom Color Switcher for Configurable Products & Available Colors Preview Swatches
– Automatic Brand Logo Display on Product Detail Page
– Automatic Free Shipping Image on Product Detail Page
– Custom “On Sale” Tag in Category & Product Detail Page
– Custom Menu with Option to Display Ads & Banners

Oct 31st, 2012

Grow Hydro Gardens

Grow Hydro Gardens
Changes/Updates/Maintenance Existing Magento E-Commerce Site (Las Vegas)

– Product Slider/Featured Products for Homepage
– Code Clean-Up
– Addition of New Pages
– PHP Compatibilty Fix

Nov 15th, 2011
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