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What is WordPress?

Oct 20th, 2012

With the help of WordPress, it is possible to create a fully functional website and blog in a very short amount of time — with the emphasis being on “fully functional”. The themes included in the installation package do not provide a lot of creative features or a professional layout.

WordPress on Wikipedia

WordPress Features

– The WordPress Core is the engine powering your website: from the administrative back end, basic page and post content management, navigational structures (menus) to the inclusion of widgets in your sidebar or footer.

– The WordPress Template Engine allows you to “skin” your website and to apply a custom theme to the underlying engine. Your custom WordPress them is responsible for what your website visitor sees on the front end: the colors, position of your layout’s elements, and any and all formatting specified in included style sheets.
Advanced themes sometimes have extensive administrative options that allow you – with few clicks of your mouse – to customize and change every little aspect of your website: What will be displayed, where it will displayed, who can see it and how users can interact with your website is defined in a theme’s underlying code.

– With the help of the WordPress Plugin System you can further enhance your website’s look and feel, as well as its functionality – and you can turn it on and off with a simple click of the mouse. The Plugin System allows to implement certain functionality to any WordPress website by simply adding it to every website you want to use it on.

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