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DMOZ Is Shutting Down On March 14 2017

Mar 8th, 2017

After 18 years DMOZ, (one of) the oldest, human-curated internet directories will shut down on March 14, 2017.

Back in the days when humans were still trying to index the web, directories were the places webmasters would submit their URLs to in order to get found.

Mind you, when dmoz was born in 1998, there was NO Google (yet). Google only started a few months after that (September 1998 vs. June 1998).
Internet search – heck, the whole Internet – was in its infancy.

The only “viable” search options back then were AltaVista (eventually acquired by Yahoo! and shut down in 2013) and the Yahoo! directory (shuttered in Dec 2014).

While there are still some directories out there, none will probably ever have the reputation dmoz has bnn able to retain throughout all these years.


and thanks for the NOODP meta tag.

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