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PSD Template for the new Twitter Profile Banner Image

Sep 18th, 2012
This post is now outdated. Twitter has updated the layout and the new header image is now 1500x500px. Go to the updated blog post to download the templates for the new design.

Good things happen when you’re sleeping!

New Header Image

visual guide to getting the banner on your twitter account - via

After seeing the news about the new Twitter design just announced today (9/18/2012) I have gone and created a template for the new banner using Hugh Briss’s profile as a reference.

If you’re wondering how to get the new banner on your profile, Ching Ya has created a quick visual guide for you.
Some lucky people have already gotten switched over… I’m still waiting. :(

Header Template

new twitter header banner free template 1252x626pxI will be testing this template out as soon as we get the opportunity to switch over to the new Twitter design. If you download my template and have any problems at all please email or call me so I can modify my template! It’s the one reason I ask for an email address, just in case the template gets updated I can send you the new one right away.

Note: Your email will NOT be added to a list for marketing purposes. Hopefully, you won’t ever get an email from us. ;)

Update: After reading this article from Entrepreneur Magazine I made modifications to the template so that it now measures 1252px wide by 626px high.

Looking for a template that includes the background? Check out our NEW Twitter template!

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