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The New Google+ Profile Banner Image Size

Apr 11th, 2012
Update 12/5/2013 – After the recent redesign of Google Plus, there is now a new template for download.

Update 3/4/2013: We have a Photoshop template for the new Google+ cover photo. The new image dimensions are 2120×1192. Get the details and download the template!

Selecting the banner option on your G+ profile

google plus profile banner sizeAfter reading a few articles about the new Google+ design update today I was immediately interested in the new banner option for our profile. According to the article from the subject was kind of glazed over in the official announcement and I haven’t seen the usual step-by-step instructions for customizing your profile (yet).

So I dove in and it was actually fairly simple. Start by going to the profile view and hover over the image area to reveal the “change photos” option. Next step is to select between two options next to “Choose a template:”. The banner option is the first one and it’s pretty easy to see the difference between the two as the second option is broken up.

Creating our G+ Banner

google-plus-profile-banner-inlinevisionI didn’t feel like waiting for the infographics that detail every change and image size available; So after pushing some pixels around and testing it out a few times I came up with a banner for our page that seems to be working well. It was a bit tricky as the little triangle that sticks out on the left reveals part of the image; it took a couple of tries to get the position of the profile image just right too.

Photoshop Template

Download our template and create your own banner!

google plus banner template profile image dimensions

Since Google+ is dead, the download is no longer available.

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