The Une Bobine USB Lightning Cable & Dock for iPhone 5 / 5c / 5s

The Une Bobine USB Cable and Dock for iPhone 5 – Review

Aug 5th, 2014

Fuse Chicken Une Bobine USB Cable DockFor the past few weeks I’ve been using the weirdly named Une Bobine USB cable/dock for my iPhone 5. The cable is also available in MicroUSB if you’re not an Apple fan.

Oh yeah, I love my job!

When I first opened the package and pulled out the heavy duty, metal encased cable I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. It was kind of heavy and might scratch my laptop and, that can’t happen. For a while I only used it at my desk and didn’t think much about it.

Maybe they should include a soft pouch to store it in?

Then, I was sitting on the couch and didn’t have my super long cable at the ready and the wall plug was right behind me.

The cable worked great! I plugged it in and there was my phone, sticking up from behind the couch where I could reach it. The cable is 27″ (including dock and plug) long so It can hold your phone up pretty high.

Une Bobine USB Cable Dock Portrait Position Since then I’ve used Fuse Chicken’s cable all over the house. You don’t need to have it plugged in to use it as a dock either. I’ve used the cable to see recipes when cooking, to hold my phone up during video calls and as a tripod for taking photos.

I did try to use the cable with my 7″ iPad but it was too heavy. Maybe they’ll make a heavier duty version for iPads?

This product is also one of the success stories on Kickstarter. The project was successfully funded on November 9, 2013 with 414 backers pledging $21,656. That’s pretty cool.

Fuse Chicken Une Bobine Car Kit partsThere is a Car Kit available that I didn’t test out. It is necessary if you’re going to use the Une Bobine in the car. I didn’t make it out of the driveway. The g-forces from starting, stopping and turning are too strong for the cable by itself.

Check out this video of the cable in use.

As you can see in the video, the cable works the way you would think. I really like the fact that you are only limited by your imagination. This cable allows you to dock your phone almost anywhere.

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